Contact: James Gleeson—087 250 0103

If there are insufficient entries classes may not take place.
Closing Date for Entries, Strictly Wednesday 17th August 2022. No Late Entries on the Day.
For Rules & Conditions of the Show please click here.
Please check your public liability insurance if exhibiting animals.

Important Department of agriculture update for exhibitors of cattle specific requirements – cattle

The following changes are being introduced for keepers of bovine animals who wish to show cattle – these changes apply from the 2013 Show season.
Keepers of cattle are now required to obtain a Certificate of Compliance prior to the movement of an animal to a show.

  • Certs of compliance can be obtained online from Animal Identification and Movement (AIM) system through facility or from the Cattle Movement Notification Agency.
  • When applying for a Cert of Compliance, Keepers should not specify a destination herd.
  • On the day of the Show, the Certificate of Compliance should be presented to the Show Secretary along with bovine passport for the animal.
  • The keeper and the Show Secretary will then sign the Movement Notification section Certificate which will then be sent to the local DVO for recording into the AIM system.
  • Please not that only cattle for which a valid Certificate of Compliance is provided to the Show Secretary will be allowed to the shown on the day of the show.
  • These Certificates will replace the previously used CMMS 4 forms.

Safety Regulations on Show Day

1. Please do not exhibit animals that are out of control or hard to Handle.
2.Animals should not be left unattended, tied to horse boxes or trailers.
3.All animals must be led by a competent handler.
4.Animals must be under the strict control of the handler at all times.

Please read and abide by all rules of the Show as listed at the front of this Schedule

Pedigree Classes

Prizes: 1st – €80. 2nd – €50. 3rd – €30. (Unless otherwise stated). Entry Fee €10.00.
All details on the entry form to be completed.

Pedigree Limousin Classes— Sponsored By Irish Limousin Society

Class 32: Best Pedigree Male Calf born on or after 1 January 2022
Class 33: Best Pedigree Female Calf born on or after 1 January 2022
Class 34: Best Male Calf born between 1 September & 31 December 2021
Class 35: Best Female Calf born between 1 September & 31 December 2021
Class 36: Best Female born between 1 January & 31 August 2021

Pedigree Shorthorn Classes

Class 40: Best Shorthorn Heifer, Born in 2020
Class 41: Best Shorthorn Heifer born in 2021
Class 42: Best Shorthorn Heifer Calf born in 2022
Overall, Champion Shorthorn.











Pedigree Hereford Classes

Class 43. Best Pedigree Hereford Bull or Heifer Calf born on or after 1st September 2021.

Pedigree Angus Classes

Entry fee: €10. Prize money: 1st: €80 2nd: €50 3rd: €30.

Class 44: Best Pedigree Angus Cow, Sponsored by the Irish Angus Cattle Society
Class 45: Best Pedigree Angus Heifer born prior to 1st August 2021
Class 46: Best Pedigree Angus Heifer born between 1 August & 30th November 2021
Class 47: Best Pedigree Angus Heifer born on/after 1 December 2021
Class 48: Best Pedigree Angus Bull Calf born on or after 1st Sept. 2021

Overall Champion (& Reserve Champion) Angus – All First Prize winners from Classes 43 to 45 eligible
Sponsored by Noel Carr & Co, Chartered Accountants

Champion & Reserve Champion will also receive: The Willie Stroker Perpetual Trophy.
Irish Angus Champion: €50 & Sash. Reserve Champion: €20 & Special Rosette.

(Prize money will be paid direct from the Irish Angus Office upon receipt of result sheet)


Owner of each animal exhibited must be a member of the Irish Angus Cattle Society and each animal entered must also have been registered in the owner’s name in the herd book of the Irish Angus Cattle Society.


All Creatures Veterinary, Kepak, Noel Carr & Co, Glesson’s Townhouase, Aurivo, FBD Insurance, Irish Angus Society, Walshe’s Filling Station, Macra na Feirme.

Trad na H’Eireann – Qualifier

This is a new event with a prize fund of €3,000. Each entry consists of 3 animals. An Irish Angus Cow, an in calf or maiden heifer born between 1/2/20 to 31/721, a male or female born on or after 1/8/2021.

Non-Pedigree Classes, Classes in Ring 2

Prizes: 1st €80.00, 2nd €50.00, 3rd €30.00 Entry Fee: €10 (Classes 49 – 55).

Class 49: Best Non-Pedigree Charolais Bull Calf born in 2022 Sponsored by Roscommon Livestock Mart
Class 50: Best Non-Pedigree Charolais Heifer Calf born in 2022. Sponsored by Roscommon Livestock Mart
Class 51: Best Non-Pedigree Belgian Blue Bull Calf born in 2022
Class 52: Best Non-Pedigree Belgian Blue Heifer born in 2022
Class 53: Best Non-Pedigree Limousin Bull born in 2022
Class 54: Best Non-Pedigree Limousin Heifer born in 2022
Class 55: Best Non-Pedigree Heifer or bullock of any breed/any age. Sponsored by AIB.

The All-Creatures Veterinary Clinic, Roscommon Sponsored Classes 56 and 57: Prize Fund €1,000


  1. Owners of all animals must be resident in Co. Roscommon & surrounding counties.
  2. All animals must be from & reared in counties (Leitrim, Galway, Sligo, Mayo, Longford, Westmeath & Offaly)
  3. All cattle being entered must be registered in the herd book of the owner and must be available for inspection on the day.
  4. Date of birth & Tag Number must be clearly shown on each entry.

Class 56: Best Weanling Male Calf (non-pedigree) born in 2022 (to be led)
Prizes: 1st €300. 2nd – €150. 3rd – €50
Class 57: Best Weanling Female Calf (non-pedigree) born in 2022 (to be led)
Prizes: 1st €300. 2nd – €150. 3rd – €50
Class 58: Best Butchers Heifer – Maximum Weight 500kg. Sponsored by John Harte Butchers, Roscommon (in case of dispute animals will be weighed on the day)
Class 59: Roscommon Show Champion Breeding Heifer.
Generously sponsored by Gleeson’s Townhouse & Restaurant: 1st 200; 2nd €100; 3rd €50:
Open to all breeds of non-pedigree heifers suitable to produce and rear a calf with potential for current beef/export market. (maiden/in calf). confined to Counties Roscommon, Sligo, Mayo, Leitrim, Galway, Offaly, Westmeath and Longford.
Winner will receive the John O’Beirne Perpetual Cup.

Class 60: The Breeder’s choice Continental 4* or 5* Breeding Heifer.







Class 61: Best Roscommon Male/Female Weanling calf – born in 2022. Confined to residents of Co. Roscommon.
Sponsored by: Walshe’s Supermarket & Filing Station
Class 62: Best Stockperson under 16 years of age – Proof of age required— All entrants will receive a prize.
Sponsored by: Roscommon Macra Na Feirme
Class 63: Best Handler with Animal of Any Age or Any Breed

Overall Champion – All 1st Prize winners eligible Winner will receive the Seamus Duignan Memorial Cup.

Champion of Roscommon Show sponsored by Creva International: €100; Reserve Champion of Roscommon Show sponsored by Kepak: €50.