Rules of the Show

  • Intending Exhibitors are requested to peruse the rules carefully and not enter exhibits unless they are prepared
    to comply strictly with the regulations.
  • Entries for general exhibits close on Wednesday the 17th of August 2022.
  • No entries will be accepted unless made on regular printed forms and accompanied by the full requisite fee. Postal
    Orders etc. to be made payable to the Show.
  • All certificates of entry, accurately filled in every particular and signed by the exhibitor must be lodged with or
    sent by post to the secretary with entry fee.
  • Each exhibitor or agent must be prepared to verify each statement or the certificate of entry in any manner the committee may require All particulars required in the entry form must be fully and accurately stated, otherwise the exhibitor is liable to be disqualified for a prize and be excluded from the show. An exhibitor may enter the same exhibit in the animal section provided necessary entry fee in each class is paid.
  • An exhibitor may enter any number of exhibits in any one class.
  • The acceptance of an entry fee by the society will not be regarded as an admission that the exhibit is eligible to compete or receive an award.
  • Entries are accepted only on the understanding that there shall be no appeal beyond the committee of the show, whose decisions shall be final in any matter of dispute arising from or in connection with an entry for the show.
  • Persons entering an exhibit and failing to send same for exhibition shall forfeit the entry fee.
  • Any exhibitor wishing to dispose of any of the exhibits should mark “for sale” on the entry forms, and same will be printed in the catalogue.
  • “For Sale” cards may be had at the secretary’s office on the day of the show.
  • All exhibits must be the bona fide property of the person in whose name the entry is made. All stock to be classified by age, which shall be calculated from 1st. the year of birth. The rule of the Dublin Royal Society as to detention shall be applied in the case of dispute as to the age of horses, cattle, or sheep.
  • Pure-bred cattle mean cattle entered or eligible for entry in herd book of respective breeds. Pedigree name and tattoo number to be stated in the entry form, and also if animal is horned or dehorned, in the case of bulls the number of the sire in the herd book and the breeding of the dam to be set out in the entry forms.
  • Show grounds will be open at 8.00 a.m. on the day of the show. All exhibits must be in the show grounds not later than 8.30a.m. that day and shall (with the exception of livestock) remain for inspection until 4.00p.m.
  • Livestock may be removed at 4.00p.m.
  • Each exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any consequential or other loss, injury or damage done to or occasioned by, or arising out of, any animal or article exhibited by him or her for its description given in the catalogue and indemnify the society against all legal or other proceedings in regard thereto.
  • Exhibitors will be held responsible for the behaviour of their servants and for the consequence of any
    misconduct of such servants.
  • Neither the society nor any of its servants shall in any way be responsible or accountable for anything that may happen (from any cause or circumstance whatsoever) to exhibitors or their servants to any property brought into the show grounds or for anything else in connection with or arising out of or attributable to the society’s show.
  • Each bull to be exhibited must be properly secured by a ring or a screw in the nose with a strong rope or chain attached for which exhibitors will be held responsible. Any animal ascertained not to be secured or considered in a dangerous or infuriated state will not be admitted and shall become in the opinion of the stewards dangerous in the show grounds, must be immediately removed or, if removal is impractical or attended with risk it shall be destroyed. The society reserve to itself the power to reject or cause to be removed any animal or other exhibit from the show grounds without being held in any way liable for compensation. The society shall not be responsible in any way for the delivery of any exhibit to the show, or the safety and welfare of the animals exhibited. The committee will not be responsible for accidents of any kind that may occur. Neither will the committee be accountable for any accident that may occur to any person attending the show,whether exhibitor, visitor or otherwise. A printed number will be available for each exhibitor of stock, such a number to correspond with the entry in the catalogue, must be attached to the forehead band of the exhibits bridle, headstall or halter. One caretaker or servant only for each lot in the horses, cattle, sheep or ponies will be admitted free and must continue in charge of the lot. Any exhibitor whose entry form amounts to €20 will be supplied with an exhibitors’ pass which will admit the person whose name it bears but no other into the show, if presented before 10.30a.m.
  • Prizes will be awarded in classes where there is sufficient merit, but the judges will be distinctly instructed to withhold a prize, where sufficient merit does not exist the decision of the judges shall be final, except in cases of fraud, misrepresentation substitution or other breach of the rules where the decision of the executive committee shall be final. No steward or officer of the show shall remain in the judging area acting as a steward, while a class is being judged in which he is an exhibitor, or in where there is exhibited an exhibit in which directly or indirectly, he is interested, nor shall he lead in or in any way identify himself with such exhibits, as breach of the rule entails forfeiture of any prizes or
    commendations which may be awarded.
  • No exhibitor shall be permitted to enter an enclosure in which an entry is being judged unless he is in immediate charge of the exhibit himself. Any person infringing this rule will be disqualified from receiving any prize in such classes unless justification can be shown to the satisfaction of the committee. No person will enter the space enclosed or set apart for the adjudicator or hold any communication with the judge or examining veterinary surgeons without the permission of the stewards of the class. Judging will be carried out in accordance with classification and exhibitors are requested to have stock ready when called up by the stewards. All prizes disallowed or not awarded shall lapse to the society.
  • All animals in agricultural horse and pony classes must be measured to prove their height before they receive their rosettes.
  • The Committee shall have the power to disqualify from exhibition any sheep, which is considered to be coloured other than by use of ordinary non-bloom dips, free from other coloured matter. Vases for cut flowers and trays for vegetables must be supplied by the exhibitor.
  • The committee may, after the closing of entries, cancel any class in which due notice will be given to
    the entrants and entry fee refunded.
  • The society reserves the right to postpone the show or indefinitely without being responsible for compensation to exhibitors.
  • The stewards may request the judges to put “reserved” also “highly commended” if there is sufficient merit.
  • Persons awarded cups offered for competition at the show (unless won outright) shall deliver them to the secretary in as good a condition as the receive them, not later than one calendar month prior to the next show.
  • The society reserves the right to refuse admission to the show grounds. Should any matter arise not provided for, or in the preview of these rules and regulations, the same shall be referred to the executive committee, whose decisions shall be final, from which there shall be no appeal, and entries are only accepted on these conditions.
  • In order to finance current and future development, the national executive of the Irish Shows Association have placed a “Championship Fund” of .5c in every Euro on all prize winners in the sheep, cattle and horse sections. This fund will be deducted from the prize money to be paid out in these sections.


Any objections on points of qualifications etc. to an award must be lodged by an exhibitor in the class with the secretary in writing, not later than hour after the class has taken place on the day of the show, accompanied by a fee of €20 for each objection, otherwise they cannot be considered. The fee
lodged will be forfeited in the case of the objection being considered frivolous.

Special notes:

Committee will not be responsible for any accident or damage caused to any person, vehicle or property. Exhibits must be handed in by the exhibitor or agent on the morning of the show. Exhibits will not be accepted by post. Care should be taken to enter work in the correct class. The committee accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any exhibit. Schedules and entry forms available from the secretary Ms Claudia Gormley.


Intending exhibitors are advised to ensure that their public liability covers the exhibition of bloodstock/livestock at public shows.

Trade Exhibits:

Proof of insurance must be forwarded to the secretary prior to the show day.

Safety Conditions:

The Chief Safety Officer shall have overall responsibility on behalf of the show for any event that takes place on the show grounds. It is the wish of the Chief Safety Officer that all stewards act as safety officers in their area. All horses must be properly haltered and must be in the full control of their
owner or agent. All riders in the rider classes must wear the regulation equipment laid down by the Irish Pony Society rules. All riders not wearing the correct equipment will be instructed to leave the ring by the Chief Safety Officer. No child under 14 will be allowed to lead a horse unless stated in the
catalogue and in accordance with the rules and regulation, or under the supervision of an adult. All cattle and horses must be haltered and lead at all times and shall not be allowed into the ring unless haltered. Each individual owner of any horse or livestock shall be advised to have their own liability
insurance cover and shall be fully liable for accidents or damage done.

It is the responsibility of the Chief Safety Officer to see that the judges and competitors only are in the main area pockets, cattle, horse and sheep rings.

All accidents must be reported to the show secretary or safety officers who will report the accident and see that a doctor or nurse or member of the civil defence will attend the injured person. The safety officer and the show secretary shall see that a verbal statement is taken in minor accidents and written in all other cases.

The Roscommon Show Society shall entertain no claim unless the above procedures have been fully complied with.